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the problem of all humans is they think about their future nd don't enjoy their present.

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Crazy ones….

When someone calls me crazy I take that as my appreciation because our carziness is what defines US. AS WE all know that in today's world people our intelligent enough to have good ideas and that's good but nowadays we need something out of the box stuff..

Feelings that can’t be expressed.. 

Today I am writing this blog not because am feeling low but because I can't express it to anyone.. sometimes in life their comes some phases where you need somebody who cares you....who believe in you...whom you have trust....but it's life where you are tested by a supreme power...god...Allah...bhgwan...and if you passed his test automatically... Continue Reading →

Hidden me

We are living in a world where we all have to show our fake identity infact its good because no one cares about real you.....all the time you should have to hold your fake todays world where rich are becoming more richer and poor are becoming more poorer ....god on his own don't ever... Continue Reading →

Alone is the new company

If anybody says he is alone it doesn't mean that he/she does not have any company... Self company is that company in which you can easily know about urself. Questions like : who am I? Why am I?  All of them will get solved... simply by living alone m not saying that you should be... Continue Reading →

Yin-yang : The two aspects

Yin-yang means two aspects of every situation as an example (you cannot see shadow without the presence of light) Even our shadow consist of two aspects object and light. Life is also based on the theory of also consists of two phases one is good phase of life and other is bad phase of... Continue Reading →

Every one have some dream about his/her life...but fewer have a capability to prove their dream true. M the one who had many dreams But every time I failed but I keep on trying and probably one day it may happen. The thing which I learned from my experience..and want to share it that nothing... Continue Reading →

Smile…an emotion..rarely a expression

Sometimes we see such peoples who rarely smile...but no one from us try to understand their inner felling. One can say that if person smiling he/she is well but no one knows about a hidden pain behind his/her smile. People can think while reading this that what writer wants to convey a's simple... Continue Reading →

Purpose: A search

Basically we all are born for some purpose....but what is that purpose fewer of us know about that...                   Chapter: 1          Knowing about urself The human who knew his/her capability....or purpose of life Are very few...meanwhile we can Say them super humans...and they are very can become super knowing his/her purpose of... Continue Reading →

The question that keep striking my mind is who am I. Am I the son of my parents...or just a common god creation. The journey to find myself is full of thrill. Even while writing this am not sure that what would happen if ...I couldn't answer you all present that who am I ?... Continue Reading →

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