tomorrow a dream

tomorrow a dream…as title itself shows about how every human being…had a dream of
better tomorrow..but few of us had a capability to make our tomorrow
Tomorrow: one says I will have an better tomorrow…it shows her attitude…how dedicated he/she is to prove her dream true.
One thing that invokes his or her mind towards a better tomorrow is imagination power.
Basically if our imagination power combines with our positive nature the results are good but meanwhile if you are thinking about better tomorrow and have a nagetive mindset…am damn sure you our fooling yourself by telling I will work for better tomorrow…
According to latest research programs it is said that the people with good mindset tends to have better tomorrow and on other side people with bad mindset had a worst tomorrow.
Tomorrow could be better…or could be bad…but one thing that matter the most is your attitude towards a problem by this you can make your present as good as you want your future..
Live today…as it is your last day of life…be carefree..about tomorrow.

Purpose: A search

Basically we all are born for some purpose….but what is that purpose fewer of us know about that…
                  Chapter: 1


         Knowing about urself

The human who knew his/her capability….or purpose of life
Are very few…meanwhile we can
Say them super humans…and they are very rare….one can become super human…by knowing his/her purpose of life.
People may think that by making good results they have fulfilled their purpose of life….but friends let me remind you all about the devil named ravana..actually he is very knowledgeable….but god made him evil…so his purpose of life is to do evilness ….and he had done his job perfectly…
           Every one here present
           Let me remined you all
    Your purpose is eagerly waiting
           For you…go and search..for
    Urs purpose.

Finding myself

The question that keep striking my mind is who am I.
Am I the son of my parents…or just a common god creation. The journey to find myself is full of thrill. Even while writing this am not sure that what would happen if …I couldn’t answer you all present that who am I ?
In this journey of finding myself I have experienced that everything happens for a reason…nothing happens without any reason.
Her intelligence and my shyness..
This chapter revolves around my school days where Shiva (a fictional character) had a crush on a girl who is very intelligent…she had a great persona…but Shiva the lover boy is just opposite to her ..his nature is shy and he is an average student…the day he proposed her girl…he got an reply which changed his life girl said that you are useless…you are simple you don’t have any quality which can attract anyone.. but after ten years that girl goes for interview in an MNC and you don’t believe that the interviewer was the boy whom she refused…but the boy is not same as girl he interviewed her.. and gave the job. But his last sentence from the girl was never underestimate the saying everything happens for a reason proved.

Some feelings can’t be shown but one can feel it..
In this chapter you will be dealing with the feeling that you cannot express.
Love…it’s a perfect example of this feeling….you can say love is an emotion related to affection,attention and attraction… can feel this for other but only few can express it.
Love can be of different type brother sister love, parents love and last but not least partners love….the above two brother sister luv and parents love we are familiar to them but partners love is actually new to all…some of readers might be thinking that ..
Even partners love one can experience..
But would you tell me without feeling it how u can express or even experience it…if you are suffering from this situation where you have no feeling about your partner then let me tell you…u are ruining your and yours partners life.
Feelings are good
But how to express
Them you should know.

Happiness: hopefully a desire

After reading this title one can say it’s about happiness…but my question from them is describe happiness…no one can describe it but one can feel it.
Happiness is an emotion…that comes to once life occasionally…here am talking about myself…
I don’t remember the day when I was happy…do any one remember…no because our brain is designed like this it admires all bad emotions. .and erases good one ..but it’s ur body part….you must control it…but million in one had this capability to control his/her mind…
No one can describe happiness in words but one can feel it…so hurry up feel every moment of life happily.
If u want to remain happy.. first u have to suffer bad.


God always creates something special

We the humans..from our birthday to ours die day…always had some hidden greed…here greed symbolizes once selfishness…
An infant comes out from mother’s womb and start crying for symbolizes
We all are interconnected to each other for our greed…it’s an human nature error which cannot be compiled by simple mind coding.
We all have heard about sixth sense..but the impact of this sense in once life…is that he/she start thinking beyond their greed.
The motive behind writing this is..that never be selfish, greedy.. do something for betterment of society…by doing this you all will think that we had done something good but let me tell you that The good pays off ..



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Average is a word that had a lot of impact in once life.

JACK MA: we all know he is a great leader but some of you know that once he got rejected in kfc interview. NOW he is amongst world great leaders. HIS story tells us how an average student can change the whole world scenerio.

jack ma once said that be average in your life because an average person has a capability

to learn new things without any hesitation.




buggu with wheels

tommorow a dream :THIS STORY revolvs around a child named VIDIT MISHRA whose nickname is buggu…as his daily routine he was playing with his car let me first tell u about



from here story starts as like all the kids he was just playing with his car suddenly her mother watched something out of the box he was trying to fix

a wheel of her car…just imagine a 1.5 year kid was fixing a tyre of  car…this shows how curious he is…

later on in his life vidit nickname buggu became an automotive engineer.

one will say whats gud in this story




interest matters…as vidit had an interest in motors and cars he became an successfull

automotive engineer.

so the idea of story is interests matters in life a lot.